Myoho Renge Kyo

Buddhism, Life, Politics, Philosophy, Ethics & Everything Else!

I’m a Generation X’er, born in the late mid 1960’s, an aging new waver, punkrocker, goth rocker, secular humanist Buddhist.

For reasons of safety in the world of Internet trolls, Trump Nazis and white nationalists, and stalkers, I don’t divulge my full name or whereabouts on this site. I’m not hiding anything, but I am protecting my safety.

I’m what’s called a “hyper polyglot,” and am bilingual English and French, and also speak, read, write German, Flemish/Dutch, and Spanish, and can understand to varying extents Walloon, Luxembourgish, Plattdeutsch, Yiddish, Frisian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, and Latin.

I’m a strict vegetarian, bordering on vegan, but still eat some small amount of dairy (cheese) but hate eggs and milk. I’ve been a vegetarian for 35? years for mainly ethical reasons but also “religious” or philosophical Buddhist reasons. I’m working on a plan to remove the small amount of dairy (cheese, yogurt) from my diet to become totally vegan, again for ethical reasons but also increasingly for ENVIRONMENTAL reasons.

I’m queer. A word with many possible meanings or interpretations. In my case, it’s the best word I’ve been able to find in English that describes my sexuality and persona and tastes. I’m primarily gay, having had mostly romantic/sexual relationships with other cis men, including being legally married (in Canada) and now legally divorced. However, in my early adult life, I also had important, meaningful, romantic/sexual relationships with several women. I’d guess I’m 65% gay, 35% hetero. Or a 7 on the Kinsey scale? Thankfully I came of age in the mid-late 1980s involved deeply in underground, alternative punk/goth music and fashion culture and scene where gender expression and sexuality were very fluid, open, and accepted if not even expected. I also was raised by a rather hip mom who didn’t enforce any type of societal gender role expectations on me growing up.

I grew up partially in Europe, in French-speaking Belgium (near Namur) so identify as Eurpean and American, bi-cultural, which is why I don’t identify with mainstream American patriotism or conservative values. I feel like I’m a WORLD citizen much more than an American citizen. Culturally, certainly linguistically.

I’m “disabled.” Since mid 2011, when I was initially diagnosed, I’ve suffered from what’s called “chronic intractable migraine with aura,” which is the fancy, clinical way of saying I suffer from a disabling neurological headache disorder where I have debilitating, throbbing, painful migraines more days than not. I’m under constant medical care by expert neurologists and headache specialists who help me TRY to manage my condition with medications like triptans, non-opioid NSAID painkillers, vitamin supplements (B, magnesium) as well as preventatives like newer CGRP medications like Aimovig and Ajovy monthly self-injections. I combine that western approach with non-pharmaceutical methods such as biofeedback, silent and chanted [Buddhist] meditation, water float therapy, etc. Prior to my 2011 diagnosis, I was a high tech Silicon Valley engineer, consultant, and technology architect since 1992, when I first moved from Manhattan, New York City, to San Francisco. It was like working in the Gold Rush in sf in the 90’s with the onset of the Internet when EVERYTHING changed. Before working in technology, I worked as a translator/interpreter in NYC, having been certified and trained at Marymount Manhattan College in one of the very few interpreting translation programs existing in the USA at that time, and included me training thru work at the United Nations hq in NYC. Languages, linguistics, dialectology are what I had formally studied in secondaey school and university, but I discovered that technology jobs paid better, and since I was a somewhat geeky kid in the late 1970’s and early 80’s, with my very own Commodore VIC-20 home computer and Compuserve account, and taking advanced computer programming classes at university while still in junior high school, it was a good fit. I have to admit I miss my career in technology since becoming sick and disabled 11 years ago. The experts believe that my family genetic disposition to migraine was an Achilles’ Heel, and that my last Silicon Valley job at a big high tech company where I was required to work 120+ hours per week, supporting data centers around the world in almost every international time zone, with often only an hour of sleep per night, is what triggered and caused me to lapse into chronic migraines so severely that 11 years later it’s almost like my brain cannot remember what my pre-migraine brain was like. Or such is the theory. It sucks honestly, but it’s my reality, and I try to manage and contend with it as best I can. It’s not easy…